Mi Zhong Quan

He Yuan Jia Sifu at Shanghai created a set of Kung Fu call “Mi Zhong Quan” thereafter he taught Liew Zhen Shen, Zheng Chin Jie. From there the art of “Mi Zhong Quan” was taught to Ji Jin San Teacher from Shanghai and then he passed his knowledge unto Zhou Yue Wen. At the moment Zhou Yue Wen is teaching at Chin Woo Association Singapore. He is the ‘He Yuan Jia Mi Zhong Quan’ Fourth Generation.

Mi Zhong Quan specializes on: Gong Fa, Shou Fa, Shen Fa, Bu Fa, Mian Fa, Tai Ji, Xing Yi, Ba Gua, Shou Lin all are connected and exquisitely to energy, air and spirit.

Body movement and intention to move from waist to roller of a scroll, body movement must be start from waist. According to aspect and to guide energy means to move physical strength. Such an extent as to move limbs. Physical act is very flexible and leg to follow by intensively fast action. Hard and soft combination, fast in physical exchanging. While practice need to be quiet mind (concentration) of an intention, because of supernatural power, as soft to be able to barely. Mi Zhong Quan is internal and external combination particulars practice our eye follow by hand move, waist follow by our body turning, as light as spirit or soul, fast and accurate as a wolf, hard and soft combine, round up to soft eventually.

Eagle Claw

It was until 1800 knowledge of the Eagle Claw system was passed from the monks to a lay student of the Lau family Lau Si Chun (Liu Si Chun). The Lau family then maintained the knowledge of the system within the family for generations. It was not until the 1910s that the Eagle Claw system reached a wider audience, through Eagle Claw’s most famous master, Chen Zi Zheng.

At the time, Chen Zi Zheng was known as a formidable fighter. The stories surrounding him claimed that he never used more than three techniques to defeat an opponent, and that he could get full power from a three-inch punch. He was instrumental in spreading knowledge of Eagle Claw and other martial arts among the public, most of all by his role in founding, along with kung fu master Huo Yuen Jia, the Chin Woo Association in Shanghai.

Modern Masters of Traditional Eagle Claw

There are 3 main lineages of Eagle Claw in the world. Liu Qi Wen, Chen Zi Zheng and Zhang Zhan Wen. Most schools in the United States trace their lineage directly to the Chin Woo Association. Only a few can trace their roots back to the birth place of Eagle Claw in Northern China.

Liu Fa Meng student of both Liu Qi Wen and Chen Zi Zheng is being preserved by his family (Lily, Gini and James Lau). Liu Fa Meng was one of the most prolific writers on the Eagle Claw System producing 4 books on various aspects of the style. The Lau sisters enjoyed careers in the Peking Opera and marital arts films before turning their attention to teaching, opening schools on the West Coast of the U.S. and forming their own organizations. Both today have produced video series on Eagle Claw. James Lau was famous fight choreographer/director in Taiwan, now relocated to the USA. Julian Dale (Sifu), senior student of Gini Lau, has extensively researched the system as well as obtaining personal training from numerous high level practitioners and Masters in Northern China.


The Eagle Claw system is taught differently by different branches. Because Eagle Claw was primarily taught through the Chin Woo Association, training generally includes a number of standard northern kung fu forms and techniques taught to all practitioners at the Association, alongside the elements specific to the Eagle Claw system.

The system includes fist forms, weapon forms, partner sets, and the 108 locking hand techniques. The range of traditional Chinese weapons are covered, including the long staff, spear, double pointed spear, kwan do (or halberd), saber, sword, hooked swords, three-section staff, daggers, fan, short stick, and chain or whip.



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